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The Weavers logo, included in the Complete Production Package

The Weavers

a musical play based on The Emperor's New Clothes

book, music, and lyrics by Jonathan Talmadge

Age Range:  Middle School/Elementary 

Characters:  30+, gender neutral

Run Time:  50 min.

Set:  Fashion Show Catwalk, Throne Room, Street

Production Package: $350

Performance Fee: $50

As Emperor Coco and her loyal assistant Nadia host Sartoria's annual fashion show, the renowned Weavers arrive, announcing that they are on vacation and are definitely not available to create clothing from their unique, magic cloth that only the wise can see. 

Coco convinces them to make the garments for her anyway. As they work, she sends her staff and cabinet to check the progress. They see  nothing, but say that they do. Only Nadia tells the truth, and Coco banishes her in anger. 

Nadia teams up with Karski, a member of The Weavers who decides she doesn't like fooling ordinary people, to stop the Emperor from parading through the city wearing the "magic cloth" that does not exist. 

Will they be able to get to Coco in time? Will they be able to convice her of the truth? 

Thanks to one honest child in the crowd, Coco and the people of Sartoria learn a valuable lesson about telling the truth - especially when it is hard. 


"...the entire cast had a big part in the production. It was inclusive and - for me -  it was the most fun!"

Alya L. - actor

"The music was awesome. The emperor's song ... amazing." 

Joe C. - parent


Cheryl V. - arts educator

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