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Logo for A Little Bit of Kindness included in the Complete Production Package

A Little Bit Of Kindness

A Musical Play based on The Lion and The Mouse

Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Talmadge

Book by Angela and Jonathan Talmadge

Age Range:  Elementary 

Characters:  19+, gender neutral

Run Time:  35 min.

Set:  Playground; Outdoor grassland or rainforest

Production Package: $250

Performance Fee: $50

Taylor is having a hard time getting along with other kids at school. “Everyone is mean!” she says. Fortunately, her mom is nearby with a book! In that book, they find:
Singing storytellers,
Rhyming, racing mice,
Proper British hunters,
A rock star lion who eats anything and anyone she encounters,
And one tiny, silly mouse with a crazy idea... maybe she could help a lion someday.
Join Taylor, her mom, and all these storybook characters in a musical journey through Aesop's fable The Lion and The Mouse. See for yourself how just a little bit of kindness can go a long, long way.

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"A Little Bit of Kindness is our oldest daughter's favorite play but they are all awesome!"

Katie B. - parent

“- just amazing!!!!! Loved every minute of it.”

Kathy S. - educator

“When they sing, 'Love with all your heart...' That moment is magic..."

Rollie B. - music teacher

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