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2. We email you a production agreement and a payment link.

3. Once you have sent us the payment, we email your complete production package within 24 hours.  

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Didn’t Find the Play You’re Looking For? 

Tell Us What You Need

We have 10 more musicals in development that need to be produced again. Help us perfect these musicals for other groups like you. 

A Little Bit of Kindness, a musical play based on The Lion and The Mouse
The Weavers, a musical play based on The Emperor's New Clothes
Arlyn & Bellamy, a musical play based on The Frog Prince
Out Troubles Are Over! a musical play based on The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs
Opening Act Publishing, The Best Children's Musical Play Scripts

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Apply for a performance license and have everything you need for the perfect production in 24 hours. 

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