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Our Troubles Are Over! Show Logo included in the Complete Production Package

Our Troubles Are Over!

A Musical Play based on The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jonathan Talmadge

Age Range:  Elementary/Middle School 

Characters:  30+, gender neutral

Run Time:  50 min.

Set:  Barnyard; Front Porch

Production Package: $350

Performance Fee: $50

Farmer Morgan has troubles. Life is difficult and there is never enough money. Morgan’s best friend, Dusty the Mechanic, also has troubles. Dusty is broke and cannot find a job. Morgan owns a goose named Janice, whose trouble is that she wants Morgan to love her and doesn’t know how to make that happen. Then Janice lays a golden egg. Suddenly, all their troubles are over! 


Except, maybe they’re not…  maybe now, they just have new troubles. 


This production has it all: Singing Animals, Dancing Bankers, Grumpy Old Widows, Traveling Salespeople, Blacksmiths, Postal Workers, and Money-Seeking Old Friends. With flexible casting, almost every one of the 36 named characters can be played by a girl or a boy.  There are good roles for Kindergarteners all the way through 8th graders, with two dozen singing solos that can be assigned as needed. This musical has extremely catchy songs that are at times genuinely funny, and other times deeply moving. All the songs are in the range just right for children - just over one octave from Bb3 to B4.   

Your audience will be astonished at how much they enjoyed the play.  “Our Troubles Are Over!” is a play that celebrates friendship, forgiveness, and appreciation for what truly matters in life.  



These are some of the funniest, most thoughtfully written plays for young people that I’ve ever come across. Parts for all, stories that mean something…and truly smart, delightful music.

Heather W. - educator

As a musician, I can say that the quality of musicals that Jonathan writes is top notch with excellently written arrangements, catchy tunes you sing for days afterward, funny, witty and heartwarming stories!

Tara F. - parent and music educator

The plays that Jonathan writes are so great with such great messages! We are so thankful for them!!

Jill H. - parent

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Our Troubles Are Over!  a musical play based on The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs
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