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About Opening Act Publishing

Great Stories.

Opening Act Publishing empowers people to tell great stories through acting, music, and dance.

We are experienced arts educators who have spent years writing, producing, rewriting, and perfecting these smart, fresh musicals to bring them to you at one affordable price. Order your Complete Production Package today and have everything you need for the perfect play in 24 hours. 

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Our Musicals

Our Musicals

Each script has lots of characters with lots to do. You'll find a solid story arc with opportunities for character development to offer your young actors a challenge. They get rich, meaty dialogue ripe with humor that they can sink their teeth into. Each play has several featured parts, so every actor gets a moment to shine.

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by Jonathan Talmadge

Age Range:  Elementary 

Characters:  19+, gender neutral

Run Time:  35 min.

Set:  Playground; Outdoor grassland or rainforest

Taylor is having a hard time getting along with other kids at school.  Fortunately,  her mom is nearby with a book! 

Join Taylor, her mom, and several silly storybook characters on a musical adventure through Aesop's most famous fable.


by Jonathan Talmadge

Age Range:  Middle School/Elementary 

Characters:  30+, gender neutral

Run Time:  50 min.


When Emperor Coco receives some surprise guests at her annual fashion show, her friendship with Nadia, her best friend and most trusted advisor, is tested...

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by Jonathan Talmadge

Age Range:  Elementary 

Characters:  24+, gender neutral

Run Time:  40 min.

Set:  Front yard, pizzeria, baseball field, home

In this fresh take on the classic fairy tale of “The Frog Prince”, the “princess” is Arlyn, a kid who loses her baseball in a murky pond and grudgingly agrees to be friends with Bellamy, the frog who fishes it out for her.

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Complete Production Package

Everything you need for a perfect production at one affordable price.


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